Breaking the Shackles… kinda

Apple’s Iconic 1984 Superbowl Commercial is still remembered almost 30 years later.  It was only shown once during the 1984 Superbowl but it has marked the iconclastic perception and identity of Apple ever since it first appeared.  Apple is marketed for free-thinkers, rebels, and individualists everywhere.  The funny thing is that if you’re buying an Apple product to be an individual, you’re just like all the other “individuals” who buy Apple products.  I get that.

I have slowly eased my way into the Apple pool.  I started with an iPhone 4.  I skipped the earlier iterations and waited for the 4.  I was amazed at how seamlessly music, information, and communication meld together on that device.  When tablet PC’s came on the scene, I picked up an iPad 2.  The integration and sharing between these two devices was amazing.  Most of the information that was on one could be found on the other.  The iPad was everything I wanted a portable PC to be.

Once I started using a Bluetooth keyboard with my iPad, my HP Pavilion dv7 “desktop replacement laptop” looked like an amphicar.  It had all the “power” of a desktop computer and the “portability” of a laptop.  Actually, it did neither of those things well, just like a car that could be boat (or a boat that could be a car).

This Christmas, I have immersed myself in the Apple pool.  I’m replacing the HP at my office with a Mac Mini with a Thunderbolt display.  I’m not an early adopter and I’m certainly not a fanboy.  You won’t catch me camping out on a sidewalk somewhere for the iPhone 6 or any other new toy or gadget from Apple.  Nor am I blind to some of the limitations and quirks of Apple products, most notably their price tags.  I realize that devices with similar specifications can be had for less money.

But here’s why I’ve slowly waded in.  The Apple system makes sense to me.  When I first picked up an iPhone 4, the iOS and functionality just seemed intuitive to me.  Once I had the basics down on the iPhone, the same happened with the iPad.  I didn’t have to fumble with a lot of settings, cords, and widgets.  By the same token, in the 12 hours that I’ve had with my Mac Mini, I’ve been surprised at the ease with which some tasks are handled.  I spent 20 minutes trying to change my profile photo.  “Let me find my icon, download it to my computer… now, where do I find that directory?”  In frustration, I googled for the answer only to find that I could have drug the picture from my browser to my icon placeholder directly.  Simple… so simple that I overlooked it.  For me, Apple devices have just worked.

Understand, your mileage may vary.  People process so many things in their life in different ways… left brain vs. right brain, extrovert vs. introvert, dog people vs. cat people.  I’m not going to try to proselytize anyone from one way to another.  I’m simply saying that I’m going to try something new because it just seems to work.

And wasn’t trying something new the whole reason for buying an Apple back in 1984?


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